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Outdoor Blinds

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Pergo Static PergolaNZ
Pergo Ziptrack 12 PergolaNZ


Sun & Wind Protection

Our static pergolas provide 99.9% UV protection against the harsh NZ sun.

Reinforced with stainless steel bolts, they provide protection from high wind areas and hail damage.

High Quality Materials

Our static pergolas are made using high quality materials.

We will design the perfect solution for your home, you can choose from Drop curtains or Pergo-Trak sides as options.

Maintenance Free With 10 Year Warranty

Our aluminium frames, stainless steel bolts and high quality canopies are low maintenance.

We provide a comprehensive 10 year warranty for our frames and canopies.


Will and Jade Armitage

We have had a 5 x 4m Pergovue pergola installed by Pergola NZ. The turn around time to install (considering initial lead time estimates) exceeded expectations. It looks great and works great, a perfect addition to our house. Thank you Marc and the team for such a good job.


Marc and his team did a fantastic job on our deck. With the cover and curtains, we now have a deck to use in all seasons. Would highly recommend PergolaNZ.

Jonathan Tuohey

Made a Pergola for my dad, it was awesome!!

Rajin Shrestha

Loving the new pergola!



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Pergo Ziptrack 12 PergolaNZ
Pergo Static PergolaNZ
Sturdy rigid metal beams for strength and support.
Optionally include drop curtains on the sides of the pergola.
Canvas material covers the roof of the pergola.
Simple connection to the side of a commercial building or residential home.


Design a pergola that is uniquely yours with our extensive selection of colors, styles, and specifications. Choose from a variety of options to match your personal taste and enhance your outdoor space. We’ll handle the rest, expertly crafting a customized pergola that reflects your style and brings joy to your outdoor living. Start creating your dream pergola today!

Discover the Perfect Blinds to Enhance Your Home

Blinds provide a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for window coverings. They offer light control, allowing you to regulate the amount of natural light entering a room. Blinds also provide privacy by allowing you to adjust the slats or fully close them, preventing unwanted views.

Additionally, they contribute to energy efficiency by blocking out sunlight and reducing heat gain in the summer, while insulating blinds help retain heat during colder months. Blinds come in various designs, colors, and materials, offering versatility to match any interior style. They are easy to maintain and durable, providing long-term value. Furthermore, blinds enhance the aesthetics of a room, giving it a clean and organized look. Overall, blinds offer a combination of functionality, convenience, and visual appeal.