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Pergo Glide

The Pergo-Glide is a retractable roof system for commercial or residential spaces, utilising durable materials and meticulous design to create the ultimate outdoor environment.

• Aluminium rain gutter and top cover
• In-built railed aluminium conveyor rafter
• Stainless steel screws, bolts and pins
• Variety of membrane choices
• Motion with remote control (somfy)
• Remote controlled high power LED lighting
• Option led lighting

Pergo Glide Gallery

Flexible & Meticulous Design

Our retractable roof system is suited for both residential and commercial spaces.
This clever design gives you the freedom to choose when you want an awning or simply enjoy the open air in your outdoor living area.

Waterproof & Variety of Fabric Choices

Our custom retractable Pergola Awning Systems are waterproof providing protection to your outdoor area year round.
We have a wide variety of fabric choices from blackout through to translucent options.

Durable, Low Maintenance With 5 Year Warranty

Our retractable pergola roofing systems are made with aluminium rain gutter and top cover and an inbuilt railed conveyor rafter.
We use stainless steel screws, bolts and pins making them durable and low maintenance.
We provide a comprehensive 5 year warranty for our glide product.

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